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My wife Erica and two dogs...


Bachelor of Art Education - CSU


Columbus, OH. Go Bucks!


Fly fishing guide in summer, camping, hiking, hanging with wife and dogs.

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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Pablo Picasso

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The Lorax

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Ohio State Football, Columbus Clippers Baseball, Blue Jackets Hockey.

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My approach to art education is learning by doing. Students gain important information exploring of materials and ideas.  Students need to be challenged to solve problems and as educators it's our job facilitate student learning from failure. Art education focuses on building creative problem solving and transferable skills like reflection, group work, ideation.  It is important to analyze growth of students individually in order to assess students equitably. I use formative assessment in my classroom daily as a way to check for student understanding and growth. Summative assessment is in the art classroom to revisit learning and reflect on work and concepts. Critique is a great strategy to focus on comprehension and reflection as a form of summative assessment.  I believe in giving students choice in their work to add buy-in, ownership, and overall classroom autonomy. I pledge to continue my practices as an artist and an educator.