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Kruse Community Collaboration 

Need some creative color sheets from Samantha B Design:

Create your own Time Capsule: https://www.samanthabdesign.com/shop/my-very-own-time-capsule-journal

Kruse has partnered with OtterCares to work together and collaborate to help bring as many helpful tips, tools and resources right to your home.  We can't do this alone so if you or your family have any tips, tools or resources you would like to share please feel free and share them here.  We want to be a school who is proactive to come up with solutions during this time.  



Article to help set parent co-teachers up for success


Free printable resources to share with elementary school families


Extensive list of webcams, virtual trips and field trips. 

Additional virtual museums

Scholastic Learn at Home

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closing

Thank you Samantha Wranosky for these great resources!  

Art for Kids Hub on YouTube: Step by Step Drawing with a Dad

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems: Daily video and drawing with Mo Willems at 11 AM MST (You can catch them later if you miss it at 11 AM)

And I do have a free "Donut Worry Be Happy" coloring sheet on my website that we could all use as a reminder right now.

Sushi Monster: Math App for addition and multiplication

Poudre Public Library created a digital library card, so those kids who don’t have a library card can access digital, downloadable books. 
Here’s the link to share with students and parents:  https://poudre.overdrive.com


Feel free to email me, Mr. Kingmontyk@psdschools.org with any resources you are using. 

Be safe!